Artistic Resonance

Facilitated by guest composer and choreographer collaborators, you will learn how to collaborate with composers and musicians. You may also attend the composers’ lectures and workshops, lead by other guest composers and musicians, in order to learn about their process and see how they work.

The purpose of this is to encourage new collaborations between choreographers/dancers and composers, and to shed light on the communication and work processes between the two. Our ideal composer/choreographer collaborators would have experience in their fields, but have had little to no experience in the realms of collaborations.

Choreographer Composer Collaboration

The new music and dance concert will take place on Sunday, June 24, 4:30pm.

Dance studios are available for rehearsals between June 19-24. Please see the schedule for more info.

The total cost of tuition for dancers/choreographers is $600 for 5 nights/6 days ($275 without lodging). The tuition is all-inclusive with meals, transportation, lodging and more!

Guests Composers

John Allemeier Craig Bove Lawrence Dillon Mark Engebretson Alejandro Rutty


Hodges-Taylor String Quartet Danny Spiegel, Piano Charles Vaughn, Guitar

Guest Choreographers:

E.E. Balcos

All inclusive tuition includes: Meals, luxury lodging, performers of your music/dance collaboration, recordings, lectures, workshops and more.